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Renovating The Right Way With Garbage Removal

When my husband and I started buying bank-owned properties a few years back, I realized that clean-up was going to be a big part of the job. We were purchasing properties that were filled with trash, and it was really overwhelming at first. Fortunately, after cleaning up the mess on my own for a few houses, we wised up and started using a professional garbage removal company. In addition to hauling the garbage away quickly, they also took care of things like disposal fees and dumpster rentals. This blog is all about the advantages of expert garbage removal and why it is worth the investment.


Renovating The Right Way With Garbage Removal

Ways To Turn Household Garbage Into Money In Your Pocket

by Marina Montero

Each time that you take something out of your house and drag it to the curb in advance of garbage day, it's worth considering if there's a chance you can turn the item into money. While it's true that many items will have absolutely no potential value and are simply best to dispose of, there are other things that can leave you with a little extra money in your bank account. Some of these methods require a bit of effort, but the effort will often be worth it — and it's also comforting to know that you'll be diverting some things from the landfill. Here are some ways of turning your household garbage into money.

Think About Donations

Donating items from your home to local charities and organizations is a kind gesture, and you'll often get rewarded with a tax receipt for your efforts. While this isn't technically the same as being paid for the items, the end result is virtually the same — you'll have more money because you can claim the receipt with your income taxes and use it as a deduction. Things such as old furniture can often feel destined for the local garbage collector, but if you call around to local charities, some may have a current need for your items and be able to reciprocate with tax receipts.

Consider Scrap Dealers

If you have heavy items made of metal, carting them to a scrap dealer is a better alternative to dragging them to the curb on garbage day. Scrap dealers don't care what you bring to them — provided the items are made of the desired materials, the dealer can sell them to the recycling service after paying you a fee. Scrap dealers typically pay by the weight, so the heavier items you can contribute, the more money you'll get paid. You're paid in cash right on the spot, too.

Sell Through Classified Websites

You might be amazed with what you can sell through online classified websites. While doing so takes a little effort, such as taking photos of your items and providing descriptions, as well as answering questions from prospective buyers, you can often turn things that you no longer need into cash. Anytime you have doubt about something's value, search for similar items online. If they appear to be selling, it's worthwhile to list your item and see what you might be able to earn.